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SEO Mythology

Myths About Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Dead? Really!

This is amongst the greatest of SEO Myths that ought to be buried. It is frustrating to hear people say that “SEO is dead”. What they do not comprehend is that SEO will continue to live as long as search engines are around. Whenever a keyword is entered in search engines, users will see pages that are related to that specific search term, which is called SEO. When ads surface area, they are utilized for PPC marketing, which is another technique to gain conversions.

The Reality

Certainly, SEO is not dead as others state. It just continues to change and morph every now and then. When comparing the past SEO methods with the present SEO tactics, there are lots of enhancements.

It can be very troublesome when a technique utilized for all SEO efforts is not effective and does not provide the expected outcomes. Nevertheless, SEO is a huge arena of both conventional and new methods that make it silly to declare that “SEO is dead”.

Valuable Content Will Instantly Rank

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When it comes to content, the popular phrase “content is king” is not absolutely set in stone. If it were, then those who spin the exact same material over and over once again would need to rank on the top of online search engines.
Nevertheless, it does not occur that way.
A lot of spammers use this technique to get high ranking on search results page but it is ineffective. As a matter of fact, there needs to be some changes like Valuable Content plus Great SEO Technique results in a Greater Position.

The Reality

While it holds true that online search engine value fresh, important material, this does not always indicate that there is no effort needed for content to crawl and index on its own. Later on, the crawler will find out about the material and index it but it is definitely inadequate.

To entice search engines, the search bots need to be assisted to find recently published material. Creation and submission of a sitemap to Google will assist its bot efficiently crawl all active pages on a domain, significance, Google will understand where every page is positioned on a site and the pages that they ought to not include the SERPs.

Hyperlinks are not Needed

Some individuals state that “link structure is dead” while others state “link building is dangerous”. In reality, however, links are essential and will continue to be one of the most important ranking aspects. There are people who avoid Google penalties so they do not like to have anything to do with link structure and instead of SEO, use PPC.

You’ve probably heard it often that “link structure is dead” or “link building threatens”.

Such factors produced this misconception.

The Truth About Backlinks  

Link structure ought to be a vital part of SEO technique, if not the major one. Nevertheless, there should be genuine links pertinent to the website and value contributed to the web. Creating low-quality links is dangerous. Improving a site’s ranking by means of low-grade links will make link building definitely dead. For that reason, it is best to develop a fantastic network for developing backlinks in addition to make use of informative, high-quality material that offers value to readers and convince other sites to link with this material.

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